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Wool Tunic

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Viking style wool tunic, ca. AD 700-1000.

The wool tunic is made from a warm, felted wool blend and has the neckline slit typical of Viking tunics.

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Forventet leveringsdato for lagervarer: 11/12/2020
Viking Age Textile finds are typically very fragmented and so, the problem with reconstructing Viking clothing is that even though we have a few garments from the Iron Age and the early Middle Ages, actual preserved Viking Age garments are very rare. However, we do have many partial fomds and fragments which support the construction of this tunic.

The neckline slit is known from several finds where the brooch holding the two sides of the slit together has corroded and thus preserved the fabric.

The side slit is more difficult as most textiles are preserved by metal and no brooches are used to fasten side slits, as their purpose is to stay open and provide freedom of movement. However, we see the side slit both in the much earlier find of Thorsberg as well as the later Bayeux Tapestry. Also, we have a side slit in the Viborg Shirt, which shows that the feature was in use during the Viking Age.

The fitted armholes are also found at Haithabu where we have both the upper body part with the armholes cut in as well as another find of a sleeve with the curved top which shows that it was originally attached into a cut in armhole.